1410 Film Co. is an Independent Production Company based in Berkshire. We help create Films, Corporate videos, Tutorials, Documentaries and online media. We work with companies right from the initial idea through production, editing and publication. Using the latest HDSLR cameras we deliver stunning

HD footage without the need for a large crew. We have an arsenal of different lens’s, jibs, sliders, tripods and sound equipment. Based in Reading Berkshire and only a short journey outside of London we have the ability to easily cover the UK. For more information please get in touch.

Why "1410"

When I was learning film making in Los Angeles we would often meet at the apartment I was renting. Located just off of Sunset Boulevard it was an ideal location to meet and plan our films.

We wrote and produced several short films in the apartment itself and gradually we came to rely on it. The address was ’1410 North Curson Avenue’ and allthough the location changed the name remained. 1410 Film Co.